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Loebsack Highlights Issues Important to Iowans for Gov. Reynolds to Discuss with Pres. Trump

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Washington, May 6, 2020 | Loebsack Press (202-225-6576) | comments
In light of Governor Reynold’s announced meeting with President Trump, Congressman Dave Loebsack compiled a list of topics that Iowans have discussed with him and believes that the Governor should highlight in her conversation with the President and Coronavirus Taskforce. From ensuring our farmers and small rural businesses have access to PPP loans to ensuring worker safety and providing the necessary PPE, there are important topics that Iowans want the Governor and President to discuss.

“All of the topics, while important on their own, have one overarching goal, which is get our communities ready to reopen and get the economy running once again,” said Loebsack. “If workers at meat packer plants aren’t healthy, they can’t work the processing lines; if farmers don’t have access to loans to keep their operations running, once the economy returns, those that closed may not be able to return. I have heard from folks across Iowa about how important these issues are to them. Without addressing these important topics, we cannot safely begin to reopen.”

Important topics Governor Reynolds should raise with President Trump for the health and safety of Iowans, include:

- Worker safety and PPE for frontline workers, including those who working in the food chain, such as meat packers
- PPP funds allocated specifically for rural businesses and farmers
- The need to increase testing capacity so that we can move towards reopening our economy in a safe way
- More focus on flexibility for Iowans hurt by this epidemic who are on unemployment because their jobs disappeared, or they can't safely work in their jobs during the current crisis
- The need for reliable access to food for the people who have lost their paychecks, and urging the President to support and expand food assistance programs like SNAP
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