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Loebsack, Grothman Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to End Future Shutdowns

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Washington, January 28, 2019 | Joe Hand (202-225-6576) | comments
Congressmen Dave Loebsack (IA-02) and Glenn Grothman (WI-06) recently introduced legislation that would ensure the government never shuts down again. Their legislation, HR 797, the End Government Shutdowns Act, would activate an automatic Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the government in the event that Congress fails to pass an appropriations bill for the next fiscal year. The funding would continue at the previous year’s level, preventing all future shutdowns. Having an automatic backup plan will promote a more purposeful budgeting process by instilling stability within the market and smoothing economic downturns caused by federal action or lack-thereof. If signed into law, this bill would take effect next fiscal year, October 1, 2019.

“It is shameful that political games and dysfunction have taken the place of Congress actually working together to pass the funding bills needed to ensure our government is open and working on behalf of the American people. Across the country, folks are feeling the very real negative economic impact of the shutdown. We can no longer allow the budget of the United States be used as a bargaining chip that hurts hardworking families. Each time there is a government shutdown, it wreaks havoc on the financial security of our nation. I am pleased to work with Congressman Grothman on the bipartisan End Government Shutdowns Act that will help bring stability to the American people and actually force politicians to do the work they were elected to do,” said Loebsack.

“The state government of Wisconsin has had a version of my bill in place since 1953. As a state legislator, I participated in budget negotiations firsthand and under these rules, the state budget always gets completed and we have never had a shutdown,” said Grothman. “For too long, politicians on both sides of the aisle have used government shutdowns and other budgetary gimmicks that put federal workers in harm’s way. My bill, the End Government Shutdowns Act, will eliminate federal shutdowns and force politicians to work together to produce a budget that works for everyone.”
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