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Year-Round Pell Grant Eligibility for Students that Loebsack & Bustos Fought for Included in Today’s Omnibus Legislation

Loebsack & Bustos introduced bipartisan legislation in March that would allow students to receive Pell grant assistance year-round, including summer semester

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Washington, May 3, 2017 | Joe Hand (202-225-6576) | comments
Congressman Dave Loebsack and Congresswoman Cheri Bustos today announced that the fiscal year 2017 Omnibus Bill, which is expected to be passed in the House today, provides year-round Pell Grant eligibility which was the focus of bipartisan legislation they introduced this year.

“As someone who was only able to attend college with the help of student aid, I was proud to author the original year-round Pell legislation that gave students additional flexibility to get the education they deserve,” said Congressman Dave Loebsack. “Restoring funding for the year-round Pell program in the spending bill will help reduce barriers to higher education institutions, which has been my goal since introducing this legislation. This bill would help provide Iowa’s students with the necessary training and resources required to be successful in the 21st century global economy.”

“To get ahead in the world, a lot of hardworking young men and women take classes in the spring, summer and fall semesters, but they can only take advantage of the Pell grant system for two of them. I thought that was wrong which is why I worked across the aisle to introduce legislation to fix this problem and I’m especially proud that we were able to get language into today’s funding bill that provides year round eligibility for Pell grants,” said Congresswoman Cheri Bustos. “Every American should have the opportunity to work hard and succeed. Making higher education more accessible and affordable is a critical part of achieving that goal.”

In March, Reps. Loebsack and Bustos introduced the Flexible Pell Grant for 21st Century Students Act with lead co-sponsors Rep. Elise Stefanik and Rep. Carlos Curbelo. This legislation would enable students to receive Pell Grant assistance year round, whereas now students can only receive it for two semesters per year.

The Federal Omnibus bill, which is expected to pass today, includes language to allow students to receive Pell Grants year round.
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