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Loebsack Statement on Attending the Inauguration and Women’s March

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Washington, January 17, 2017 | Joe Hand (202-225-6576) | comments
Congressman Dave Loebsack released the following statement today regarding his attendance at the swearing-in ceremony and the Women’s March on Saturday, January 21st.

“There is no question that our nation, and in fact the President-elect himself, would be best served if he started behaving in a manner more reflective of the leader of the free world. The President-elect’s divisive, disturbing and distasteful remarks should have no place in our society. That being said, I have an enormous amount of respect for our nation’s history of peaceful transition of power and will stand with President Obama, President and Secretary Clinton and others who are attending. The next day, I will be attending the Women’s March in Washington with my daughter where I will join folks across the country to stand firm and fight against policies that will harm hard-working Iowans while working to create jobs, grow the economy, help our veterans and strengthen Social Security and Medicare.”
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