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Loebsack Unveils “Holding Congress Accountable” Legislative Package

Bills include Congressional pay cut, lobby ban & greater transparency

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Washington, July 30, 2014 | Joe Hand (202-225-6576) | comments
Congressman Dave Loebsack today unveiled his “Holding Congress Accountable” legislative package. This package is a set of bills that Loebsack authored or helped introduce to restore the American people’s faith in their government. The package includes Loebsack’s bill to cut member’s pay for the first time since the Great Depression, provides for greater transparency when member’s report official travel and permanently bans all members from becoming lobbyists when they leave Congress. Loebsack has personally vowed to never become a lobbyist himself when he leaves Congress.

Loebsack recorded a short video discussing his proposal. Click here to watch.

“Being a Member of Congress means putting people first and working for the things that are important to the people we were chosen to represent, not special interests. The American people deserve better. It’s time for Congress to show it is serious about making good choices for the country. It’s time Congress is held accountable and does what’s right so the American people can have trust in the work that their government is doing,” said Loebsack.

Since coming into office, Loebsack has set out to change the culture of Washington. Starting in 2007, he worked to pass the largest ethics reform since Watergate. He is also pushing to cut member’s pay, which hasn’t been cut in over 80 years, end the revolving door between lobbyists and Congress, get budgets passed on time, and is fighting to hold members of Congress accountable for actually doing what they were sent to Washington to do.

The bills in Loebsack’s “Holding Congress Accountable” package include the following:

H.R. 398, the Congressional Halt in Pay Increases and Cut Congressional Pay Act
– Introduced by Loebsack to amend the Legislative Reorganization Act of 1946 to eliminate the automatic pay adjustments for Members of Congress, and reduces their compensation by 10%.

H.Res. 659, the Congressional Travel Disclosure Act
– Introduced by Loebsack to amend the Rules of the House of Representatives to expand disclosure requirements for privately sponsored travel taken by Members of Congress.

H.R. 4014, Permanent Lobbying Ban – Cosponsored by Loebsack to amend title 18, United States Code, to prohibit former Members of Congress from engaging in lobbying contacts.

H.R. 440, the Stop the Revolving Door in Washington Act – Cosponsored by Loebsack to impose: (1) a five-year lobbying ban on all former Members of Congress; and (2) a two-year (currently, one-year) ban on lobbying contacts by former elected officers of either chamber, former congressional employees, or former employees of any other legislative office with any Member, officer, or employee.

H.R. 5095, the Ensuring Trust and Honorability In Congressional Standards (ETHICS) Act
– Cosponsored by Loebsack to amend current law to require House Members to complete annual ethics training, which is already a legal requirement for Senators.  

H.R. 20, the Government By the People Act of 2014 – Cosponsored by Loebsack to amend the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) to allow a refundable credit of 50% of qualified congressional House campaign contributions paid or incurred during the taxable year (contributions of cash by an individual to a House candidate or a political committee established and maintained by a national political party if the contribution is not prohibited under the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971).

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