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Iowa House Delegation Inquires with FTC Regarding High Propane Pricing

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Washington, January 30, 2014 | Joe Hand (202-225-6576) | comments
Congressman Dave Loebsack along with Congressmen Tom Latham, Steve King, and Bruce Braley released the following statements after sending a letter to Chairwoman Edith Ramirez of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requesting the FTC review the current spike in propane costs in the Midwest:

Congressman Dave Loebsack: “The sudden increase in the price of propane, combined with an extremely cold winter is wreaking havoc on many Iowans’ pocketbooks this winter.  I am very concerned about the surge in prices and the reason for such a great disparity in propane prices across the country. This is another expense Iowans cannot afford and I’m doing everything I can to remove barriers to allow more propane supply to reach Iowa that will help lower prices.”

Congressman Steve King: "The sudden surge in the cost of propane has forced families, farmers, and businesses into a tough spot. I am pleased the entire Iowa House delegation could come together in the interests of all Iowans. Each of us will closely monitor this situation and look for other opportunities to help."

Congressman Tom Latham: “Hardworking Iowa families, farmers and small businesses are feeling the real economic pain of the skyrocketing costs of propane.  It is hitting everyone’s bottom line and there must be assurances that no additional burden is being passed onto Iowans through influences other than true free market forces.”

Congressman Bruce Braley: “While enduring frigid temperatures, skyrocketing propane costs are forcing some Iowa families to decide between warming their homes and paying other critical bills. A thorough investigation of these extreme price increases by the FTC is essential to ensure Iowa families are not being unjustly burdened due to market manipulation or other unfair practices.”

The letter to the FTC is available here.
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