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Loebsack Secures Strong Funding for Meals on Wheels

Omnibus spending bill restores across the board cuts to Senior Nutrition Programs

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Washington, January 14, 2014 | Joe Hand (202-225-6576) | comments
Congressman Dave Loebsack today announced that the omnibus appropriations bill that was recently introduced contains funding to reverse the across the board cuts, known as sequestration, for Senior Nutrition Programs. Meals on Wheels and other nutrition assistance programs faced a $46 million cut in the past year due to sequestration. The spending bill will restore funding to the pre-sequester level.

Loebsack spearheaded efforts in the House of Representatives to secure this restoration of funding for Senior Nutrition Programs. He led a bipartisan group of nearly 50 members in urging the Budget Conference Committee to reverse the harmful sequestration related cuts and reinstate the lifeline to our elderly population.  

“Millions of Americans depend on the lifeline these meals provide. The across the board cuts have had a direct impact on the well-being of our most vulnerable, frail and isolated seniors,” said Congressman Dave Loebsack. “I was proud to spearhead this effort and pleased to see that these cuts were restored. We have to continue to meet the needs of our aging population and provide this important assistance so seniors can live with independence and dignity.”

“Due in large part to Congressman Loebsack’s tireless efforts to lead and advocate for our nation’s most vulnerable and hungry seniors, the devastating sequester cuts to Older Americans Act Nutrition Programs may soon be fully restored,” said Ellie Hollander, President and CEO of the Meals On Wheels Association of America. “We are immensely grateful to the Congressman for being a champion for senior nutrition at a time when the need has never been greater, and for recognizing that Meals on Wheels not only improves lives but it saves taxpayer dollars.”

The text of the bipartisan letter can be found here.
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