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Loebsack Announces that National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library Will Be Able to Receive FEMA Payments for Flood Recovery

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Washington, March 29, 2010 | Sabrina Siddiqui (202-226-6476) | comments
Congressman Dave Loebsack announced that the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library (NCSML) will be able to receive FEMA payments for flood recovery and rebuilding. During the historic floods of 2008, NCSML had five buildings that were severely damaged.

“This decision is a significant step for the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library to begin rebuilding its museum and library,” said Loebsack. “While disaster assistance programs are meant to aid disaster recovery and protect taxpayer dollars, often regulations that come with disaster assistance funds tend to hamstring recovery efforts. This is great news for the museum and the Czech Village and I am pleased that we were able to put the NCSML in a strong position to finalize their FEMA disaster assistance.”          

Due to certain regulations in the disaster recovery fund process, the NCSML was required to exhaust SBA disaster loans.  After a reexamination and urging from Loebsack and the NCSML, SBA reversed its decision allowing the NCSML to receive their full FEMA payment.  
“The NCSML is extremely grateful for the help we received from Congressman Loebsack, which has opened the way for us to settle with FEMA on the disaster assistance we are eligible for,” said Gail Naughton, President/CEO. “FEMA payments are an important part of the financial support we need for rebuilding. Along with State of Iowa IJobs funds and donations from individuals and businesses, this good news will put us on the path to full recovery.”

Loebsack has worked with the NCSML for more than a year to appeal the SBA loan and help ensure that the NCSML is not unnecessarily burdened with debt and able to receive FEMA disaster assistance payments.
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