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Loebsack Introduces Resolution Honoring the Importance of School Psychologists
November 15, 2018
Congressman Dave Loebsack recently introduced a resolution to recognize the week of November 12-16, 2018 as National School Psychology Week. H.Res.1146 honors the work of school psychologists as an integral part of the dedicated team of professionals working in our schools to ensure every student has the opportunity to achieve academic success and reach their full potential. The resolution is supported by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP). “Students learn best when they are... More
Press Release
Loebsack Statement on Veterans Not Receiving GI Bill Benefits
November 13, 2018
Congressman Dave Loebsack released the following statement after reports surfaced that veterans have not been receiving their GI Bill benefits due to ongoing IT issues at the Veterans Administration (VA). “I'm very disappointed in the Veterans Administration’s failure to provide our veterans with the benefits they were promised. As a military parent, I am also deeply concerned about the reports of thousands of veterans who are facing homelessness because of the VA's inability to deliver housing ... More
Press Release
Loebsack Praises New E15 Rule to Allow Year-Round Sales
October 9, 2018
Congressman Dave Loebsack released the following statement today after it was announced that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would begin rulemaking to allow the year-round sale of gasoline mixed with 15 percent ethanol (E15). Current law does not allow E15 to be sold in the summer months. Loebsack has long worked on a bipartisan basis to broaden fuel choices for consumers. Earlier this Congress, Loebsack joined with Rep. Adrian Smith (R-NE) to introduce HR 1311, the Consumer and Fuel R... More
Press Release
Loebsack and Bustos Seek Answers from VA on Veterans Care
October 9, 2018
Following a recent report from USA Today, Representatives Dave Loebsack and Cheri Bustos sought answers from the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to ensure our veterans are receiving the highest possible quality of care. Specifically, the USA Today report showed that the VA had cancelled more than 250,000 radiology orders at VA hospitals across the country, including the Iowa City VA Hospital, since 2016. In light of this discovery, Loebsack and Bustos called on Secretary Rob... More
Press Release
Loebsack Again Calls Out House Republican Leaders for Closing Up and Leaving Town
October 1, 2018
As the House gaveled out of session with two weeks remaining on its schedule, Congressman Dave Loebsack reiterated his call to Republican leaders to keep the House in session and working on the important issues Iowans are facing. Issues from the Farm Bill to reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act remain to be dealt with. Today marks the 274th day of the year and the House has only been in session for a total of 94 days. Additionally, the House is only scheduled to be in session for a total... More
Press Release
Loebsack Reintroduces Legislation to Provide Support for Rural Schools
September 6, 2018
Congressman Dave Loebsack recently reintroduced legislation that would provide greater support to rural communities to ensure that students attending rural schools have access to the same resources as their urban counterparts. Currently, rural schools have fewer financial resources than non-rural schools, which has created challenges to teacher recruitment and retention, and resulted in a lack of quality expanded learning time programs for students. Loebsack’s Restructuring Underutilized Resour... More
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