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Rural Development

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As a lifelong Iowan Dave knows how important agriculture and renewable energy is to our rural economy. Southeast Iowa has some of the most productive farmland in the world and agriculture remains a cornerstone of Iowa’s economy. Supporting rural communities is a top priority of Dave’s.

Dave is proud to be a co-founder of the House Biofuels Caucus and is one of the most passionate supporters of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) in the House of Representatives. Over the years, Dave has opposed attempts to modify, undermine, or repeal this effective program. The RFS has created over 43,000 in Iowa alone. Dave is proud that Iowa leads the nation in ethanol production, producing nearly 30% of all American ethanol. Dave will continue to push for the expansion of the use of biofuels in the United States in order to cut down on our reliance on foreign oil, create jobs, and to lower the price at the pump for Iowans.

Wind energy has been a boon for rural communities. Iowa is in a strong position for wind energy because of large wind generation potential and a storied history of investments in wind generation capacity. The wind industry has created thousands of jobs across Iowa, provides millions of dollars annually in rental income for farmers and landowners across the state, and has helped grow a number of manufacturing companies here in Southeast Iowa. Dave has consistently voted to protect the wind Production Tax Credit to give the industry the stability and certainty that has helped Iowa grow to having over 37 percent of its electricity generated from wind.

We all know how devastating floods can be to our rural communities. Since the Floods of 2008 Dave has worked tirelessly to help the affected communities recover, and work to prevent similar disasters in the future. That is why Dave worked closely with FEMA in 2008 to deliver millions of recovery dollars to Eastern Iowa. Additionally, Dave has proudly introduced the National Flood Research and Education Act. This bill would create a National Flood Center dedicated to developing new and better comprehensive methods to predict, prepare, prevent, and recover from flooding.

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