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As the parent of Marine children, Dave stands committed to ensuring our nation’s veterans are served by our country with the same dedication and honor with which they have served us. In order to ensure veterans get the care and assistance they need, each year Dave hosts a series of roundtables called “Serving Those Who Served” across Iowa to meet face to face with veterans and their families.

A major part of ensuring the overall health and wellbeing of our veterans is by providing mental health care. It is a sad fact that 22 veterans each day commit suicide. That is why Dave has championed the Sgt. Brandon Ketchum Never Again Act, which would require the VA to provide mental health care to any veteran who asks for it.  

Additionally, Dave has fought to eliminate the “widow’s tax”, and fought against proposals to increase TRICARE fees and co-pays, and to reduce military retirement benefits.
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I want to serve my constituents in any way I can. Whether you need help with a federal agency, are trying to find out if federal grants are available for your project, or are considering applying to a service academy. I hope all the information in this section will be helpful.

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