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Cleaning up Washington

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Since coming into office, Dave has set out to change the culture of Washington. He believes greater transparency, changing the way DC does business, and adequate oversight are all essential elements to reforming Washington.

Starting in 2007, he worked to pass the largest ethics reform since Watergate. When these ethics reforms were signed into law, Dave said, “Trust in government begins with citizen access to information and increased public disclosure of political activities and contributions,” and he has not stopped working to increase transparency and hold government accountable since.

In the following years, Dave has proudly authored the CHIP IN and Cut Congressional Pay Act. This bipartisan legislation would cut the salary of Members of Congress by ten percent and prevent the automatic pay raises for members of Congress. This pay cut would mark the first time in eight decades that Congress’ salaries would be reduced.  Dave has also voted multiple times to bar automatic congressional pay increases and cut congressional office budgets, including for his own office.

The most meaningful reform in Washington is ending the revolving door between Congress and the special interesting lobbying shops on K Street. Dave has led by example and pledged to never become a lobbyist. Members of Congress should not profit from their elected position. On top of his personal pledge, Dave has helped introduce legislation that would prohibit former Members of Congress from ever engaging in lobbying activities.  

As a member of the Congressional Transparency Caucus, Dave has fought to ensure that the work Congress does is open and transparent for the American people. That is why Dave is a strong advocate and cosponsor of the No Budget, No Pay Act. Passing a budget is one of the most important things for Congress to do each year and this piece of legislation is simple; if Congress doesn't pass a budget, Members of Congress don’t get a paycheck. This is an important initiative that must be put in place to make sure Congress is actually doing its job.

Whether it is cutting member pay, ending the revolving door between lobbyists and Congress, or getting budgets passed on time, Dave will keep fighting to hold Members of Congress accountable for actually doing what they were sent to Washington to do.
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