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Dave escaped poverty because of the opportunity to attend Iowa’s public schools in Sioux City and go to college at Iowa State. Access to a quality, affordable, education is one of the greatest equalizers we have. As a former teacher, Dave takes the education of our future generation of leaders very seriously, and believes that a strong educational foundation for all students is vital for our country’s future competitiveness.

As the co-chair of the Rural Education Caucus, Dave has focused on improving education for Iowa students no matter where they live. Dave helped forge the way for the creation of the Student Support and Academic Enrichment grant program in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which provides resources to rural schools to improve their education technology programs.

Students must have access to the education needed to compete in our job market. As a co-chair and founder of the 21st Century Skills Caucus, Dave is focused on closing the skills gap and getting Iowans to work by introducing the New Jobs Training Act. This legislation will promote partnerships between community colleges and businesses to build a workforce that has the skills needed for today’s economy.

Dave is also focused on making Pell Grants available year round and ensuring students have access to student loans and grants to help Iowans afford a quality college education. The burden of student loan debt should not force college graduates to put their dreams on hold. That is why Dave has worked to increase our investments in student aid, transform the way our student loan programs operate, and strengthen opportunities through our community colleges. Dave has also helped introduce legislation that would make Pell Grants available year round, not just during the traditional school year. We must also lower student loan interest rates and give hardworking students the tools they need to refinance their loans.  
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