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National Security and Public Safety

Project: Add/Alt Readiness Center Washington
Recipient: Iowa Army National Guard
                Washington Readiness Center
                501 HWY 1 South
                Washington, IA 52353
Amount Requested: $2,000,000

Today’s National Guard plays a new role not only in missions overseas but in disaster response at home.  It is critical that their facilities provide proper support for readiness, recruiting, retention, and training.  As the Iowa National Guard prepares for its largest deployment since World War II, the adequacy of its facilities is more important than ever.  This funding will complete renovation of the Washington Readiness Center and will modernize its administrative and training areas to meet the requirements of the Iowa National Guard’s homeland and overseas responsibilities.  It will fund an addition to the building that will alleviate deficiencies in supply space, vault space, and classroom space.  It will also address inadequate kitchen areas, administrative space, latrines, electrical systems, anti-terrorism/force protection measures, telecom systems, and parking.  By bringing its facilities up to current standards, this funding will support the Iowa National Guard in its deployments overseas and response to disasters such as the floods of 2008.  

Project: Driver Distraction Study
Recipient: University of Iowa
                   105 Jessup Hall
                   Iowa City, IA 52242
Amount Requested: $2,000,000

Funds will be used by the University of Iowa’s cutting edge National Advanced Driving Simulator program to conduct a multi‐institutional study and approach to investigate the effects of texting on driver distraction, utilizing an existing national network of driving simulators and research collaborators. Findings would be used to provide valuable research to state and federal policymakers regarding the relative risks associated with texting while driving. According to the University of Iowa, recent on‐road research has found that texting increases crash risk, but provides little guidance as to how interaction with particular devices differentially impacts safety. The National Advanced Driving Simulator program at the University of Iowa is the most advanced ground vehicle simulator in the world. It was developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to conduct research that will ultimately reduce the loss of lives and property on the nation’s roadways.

Project: Fort Madison Police Department Equipment
Recipient: Fort Madison Police Department
                811 Avenue E
                PO Box 240
                Fort Madison, IA 52627
Amount Requested: $80,000

The Fort Madison Police Department will use this funding to purchase mobile laptop computers for each of their six marked squad vehicles; the software needed to link the laptops to the department’s network and dispatch; and printers and scanners for each of the vehicles.  By allowing officers to conduct background checks, enter information into the system to be shared with other officers and agencies, and efficiently communicate with one another, the laptops and accompanying software will greatly enhance the preparedness of the Fort Madison Police Department and improve their ability to respond to emergency situations.  The scanners and printers will allow the officers to print citations and complete traffic accident reports on scene, thereby improving their performance and efficiency as well as improving their service to the people of Fort Madison.  

Project: Iowa Army Ammunition Plant Energy and Utility Monitoring Project
Recipient: Iowa Army Ammunition Plant
                17575 State Highway 79
                Middletown, IA 52638
Amount Requested: $2,380,000

The Iowa Army Ammunition Plant was originally constructed during World War I and most of the facilities currently in use at the Plant date to the 1940s.   As a result of the facilities’ and utilities’ age, energy costs have consistently made up a significant portion of the operating costs of the Plant.  In order to make substantial reductions in these utility costs, thereby saving taxpayer dollars and lowing production costs for the Army, the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant will need to implement a monitoring program for individual buildings’ energy usage.  This funding will support implementation of an energy monitoring program and installation of advanced metering devices, including necessary wiring in all significantly active buildings at the Plant.  The metering will be used for electric, compressed air, and steam energy and will provide reporting and analysis tools to allow high cost areas to be identified and prioritized for improvement.  The Iowa Army Ammunition Plant is one of the largest employers in the region and modernizing its facilities will help to create and retain quality jobs for Iowans.

Project: Iowa City Fire Department Training Center Relocation
Recipient: City of Iowa City
                410 East Washington Street
                Iowa City, Iowa 52240
Amount Requested: $800,000

The Iowa City Fire Department Training Center is recognized as a regional training center by the Iowa Fire Service Training Bureau and is used extensively by fire departments, law enforcement, and emergency medical services from throughout Johnson County, Iowa.  It houses training equipment for live fire suppression, technical rescue, hazardous materials mitigation, and emergency medical services.  However, during the floods that hit Iowa City and much of Eastern Iowa in 2008, the training center was inundated by flood waters and was heavily damaged.  This funding would be used to relocate the Iowa City Fire Department Training Center outside of the Iowa River floodplain.  The training center ensures that the people of Coralville, Hills, Iowa City, Kalona, Lone Tree, North Liberty, Oxford, Riverside, Solon, Swisher, Tiffin, West Branch, West Liberty, and other areas throughout Johnson County are serviced by well trained firefighters, police officers, and emergency medical personnel. By moving the facility outside of the floodplain, this funding will help to ensure that the facility is protected against future floods and is able to remain operational during natural disasters.

Project: Johnson County Sheriff’s Mobile Command Vehicle
Recipient: Johnson County Sheriff’s Office
                 PO Box 2540
                 511 South Capitol Street
                 Iowa City, Iowa 52240
Amount Requested: $125,000

Over the past several years, the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office has responded to a major flood that hit Eastern Iowa in 2008 as well as tornados and debilitating ice storms.  They also operate in an area that is a population center and includes the University of Iowa.  Throughout the recent natural disasters that have impacted Johnson County, the Sheriff’s Office has had to make do without a proper command vehicle from which to direct emergency response.  This funding would be used to purchase a mobile Command Center and Tactical Emergency Response Vehicle.  Such a vehicle would ensure that command staff is able to be located, with full communications accessibility, in a secure, central location to provide on-scene communications and command support.  The vehicle would also provide them with instantaneous mobile GIS capabilities as well as act as a long-term centralized command space if needed for rescue and recovery events.  It would also be used as a command center for tactical response.  By ensuring that the Sheriff’s Office is able to effectively monitor and direct emergency response to both natural disasters and tactical emergencies, the mobile command vehicle would enhance their public safety efforts on behalf of the people of Johnson County.  

Project: Linn County Sheriff’s Office Equipment
Recipient: Linn County Sheriff’s Office
                  310 2nd Avenue SW
                 Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404
Amount Requested: $150,000

The Linn County Sheriff will use this funding to purchase mobile data computers for its Civil and Transportation Divisions’ vehicles in order to provide them with interoperable communications capabilities that are currently only available to the Patrol Division.  Despite being the second largest Sheriff’s Office in the State of Iowa, the Linn County Sheriff’s Office has not been able to fully equip all of its deputies’ vehicles with mobile laptops due to budgetary constraints.  As a result, the patrol vehicles are able to access critical and timely information as well as share that information with other agencies, but deputies assigned to other Divisions are not.  In order to leverage resources and ensure a rapid response time, Linn County Sheriff’s deputies assigned to the Civil  and Transportation Divisions often respond to emergency calls just as the deputies assigned to the Patrol division do, but they currently must do so without proper communications and interoperable technology.  By linking all of its deputies together, the Linn County Sheriff’s Office will be able to better serve the people of Linn County, enhance the deputies’ efficiency, and ensure their preparedness for emergency response situations.

Project: New Iowa City Sim Center/MVSB/Helipad/Mil Parking
Recipient: Iowa Army National Guard
                 Iowa City Readiness Center
                 4540 Melrose Ave
                 Iowa City, IA 52246
Amount Requested: $1,999,000

The Iowa National Guard is preparing to undertake its largest deployment since World War II.  However, many of the facilities upon which it relies for training, readiness, and emergency response are outdated and no longer adequate for today’s National Guard.  Proper and adequate training, maintenance, storage, family support, and administrative areas will support the Iowa National Guard’s readiness for operations both overseas and at home for disaster response.  This funding will bring the facility up to current Army standards for a Readiness Center that has a Battalion Level command or higher stationed at the location.  The funding will be used to construct a stand-alone simulation center which will be used as a regional site for simulation training.  It will also support construction of a Motor Vehicle Storage Building and a helipad.  Additionally, the funding will complete all site-work, parking, and driveways necessary for these three projects and will complete the Iowa City Readiness Center compound and enhance its ability to support emergency response within our state.

Project: Next Generation Manufacturing Technologies Initiative
Recipient: University of Iowa
                  Center for Computer Aided Design
                  116 Engineering Research Facility
                  330 S. Madison Street
                  Iowa City, IA 52242
Amount Requested: $4,000,000

A strong US industrial base, a thriving innovation sector, and an experienced and skilled US workforce are critical to our national security.  Yet, the US manufacturing sector has lost three million jobs and continues to decline as a percentage of GDP.  The Next Generation Manufacturing Technologies Initiative is an innovative partnership between the University of Iowa and Rockwell Collins that will accelerate the development and implementation of breakthrough manufacturing technologies that will support the transformation of the US defense industrial base and enhance the global competitiveness of the US manufacturing sector.  With this funding, the University of Iowa will support research, development, and demonstration of a virtual testing-based toolset for electromechanical design.  It will also support validation of this toolset in industrial settings that will be identified in collaboration with the Department of Defense Manufacturing Technology Program, the Defense Logistics Agency, and the Air Force Research Laboratory.  Furthermore, the funding will be used to develop a commercialization and technology transfer plan to distribute the toolset to the US manufacturing industry, thereby giving the manufacturing sector the tools it needs to increase its global competitiveness.  By training the next generation Iowa workforce in highly-skilled engineering and computer-aided design, this project will also support manufacturing and innovation in our state while promoting high-quality jobs both now and in the future.

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